Bonga Ndziweni: Urban Laureate

Born in the Eastern Cape, Bonga Ndziweni like all the other kids wanted to be a doctor or a teacher and at the time had no idea that poetry even existed. In 2001 he moved to Joburg but it would only be around 2005/6 that he was introduced to poetry and like the perfect love … Continue reading

Mandi Vundla: The Poetician

Tell us a little bit about how you go into writing poetry and what inspired you to be a poet? I remember how I’d mix and match words to suite a particular rhyme scheme. I just enjoyed playing with words at a time when I never even understood their power the only thing I knew … Continue reading

Cornelius Jones-Split Personalities

Sibusiso “Cornelius Jones” Simelane is a spoken word artist from Johannesburg (East Rand), Sbu created the character Cornelius Jones, a time traveler  with the purpose finding a creative and unconventional way of speaking about various issues in society. We spoke to him about split personalities, Word N Sound and the value of poetry. Tell us a … Continue reading