I love the internet?

I was recently unfortunate to be in the company of a friend who was getting screwed over by her cellphone network provider. Said service provider was having problems with the internet and my friend was on the verge of pulling her hair out.  This whole situation was really unfortunate for me because I felt worthless … Continue reading

Nelson Mandela and the banknote

There is in newly liberated African countries (and I am sure you have felt it too) a culture of permanent political nervousness and an invasive need to create political martyrdom. It has always seem both apparent and interesting to me that one of the ways that South Africa (whether you like it or not) has … Continue reading

In defense of criticism

When analyzing the culture as we so often do, there is a tendency within us to be overly critical. There is a quietly unstated rule, to consciously make an effort separate ourselves from the thread of commonality which critics like Barry Ronge have ensured is well woven into the fabric of South African mainstream media. … Continue reading