Internal trauma politics

When Don Mattera says Memory is the weapon, it is often assumed that this is an optimistic statement, that the ability to remember is an affirmation of the positive. When in actual fact the contrary remains true, the capacity to remember is the most important aspect in any form of trauma whether communal or personal. … Continue reading

Countryside claustrophobia

It is difficult to find unique narratives in an age that is polarized by worry. In South African cinematic culture Tshivenda is a silent hero of linguistics. It is the tugging rope that disturbs the familiar chasm of English and isiZulu being the dominant mediums of communication in film. Operating on visceral level it often … Continue reading

Ntshavheni wa Luruli: Tshivenda narratives

The Durban International Film Festival has announced the selection of Elelwani as the film that will open the curtains on the 33rd edition of South Africa’s largest and longest running film festival. This groundbreaking world premiere takes place on July 19, made possible by the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (who was both the first funder of the film, … Continue reading