About Us

Founded in early 2011 as the brainchild of several academics and commentators MindMap-SA is a social commentary initiative. Primarily as a think tank MindMap-SA aims to create and foster a culture of critical thinking amongst middle class South Africans.

The scope of our initiatives stretches over a wide array of platforms ranging from online to actual “think sessions”. Through collaborative efforts with our partners we aim to position new and irreverent view points as front and center of social debate not only in South Africa but around the world.

MindMap-SA aims to serve as a catalyst and a reference point for the thoughtleaders of a dynamic and vibrant cultural scene. We place specific emphasis on highlighting as well as working with initiatives, people and events that are at the forefront of innovation as well as adding value to the dynamism of our society.

Our primary point of departure is to influence and help reinterpret all aspects of social life. We aim to fuse the socially aware ethos of a traditional news journalwith the distinctive tone of a refined cultural monocle.

Contact us:

via e-mail mindmapsa@gmail.com

via tweets @MindMapSA

via facebook MindMap-SA

Download Media Kit below

MindMap-SA Media Kit

Dowload Full Media Kit with Logos



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