Jomba City 2012

With principle support from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund the Centre for Creative Arts (University of KwaZulu-Natal) presents the 14th edition of its celebrated annual contemporary dance platform, the JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience between 29th August and 9th September. This year’s festival invites dance lovers and the public to explore the packed 12 days  exceptional performances, workshops led by leading choreographers, and opportunities to engage some of the world’s top dance makers as they “Talk Dance” after various performances. JOMBA! fiercely holds onto its status as one of the few remaining dedicated spaces in South Africa where dance and choreography remain nurtured and supported, and continues to offer world class dance theatre that challenges audiences; asking that they come to the myriad festival offerings (performances, workshops and classes) with the intention to be shocked, surprised, entertained and above all, to celebrate a beautiful and critical art form.
As part of the France South Africa 2012-2013 Seasons exchange JOMBA! plays host to a large contingent of French and Reunion dance companies and artists. From France comes the renowned Michel Kelemenis offering special dance theatre for young (and young at heart!) audiences. His “Henriette & Matisse” is a visually breathtaking work that dives into the art work of French painter Henri Matisse. Line and colour clash on stage in a dance work that is sure to delight audiences of all ages
JOMBA City on the beachfrontJOMBA! continues its collaboration with eThekwini Municipality to offer its second one-night only outdoor dance extravaganza JOMBA! City; this year at Beachfront Skate Park (next to Mini-town), JOMBA! City is curated by David Gouldie whose vision of opening up new spaces for dance, is explored in this glorious site-specific party on Friday 31 August starting at 6pm. Celebrating Durban’s beach front, surf, sea, skate-park, and the night of a full moon; come and listen to the sound of a cello against the rip of the wave, pick up a hip-hop beat as dancers move to the ancient rhythms of the tides. Breakdancers shift between light and video while a kathak storyteller spins into madness. JOMBA City features performances from (amongst others), BBoyz 031 Floor Assassins, Steel Band Foundation, 2012 Playhouse dance residency dancers, Sifiso Majola working with ‘Flatfoot Training Youth Company’ and a very special collaboration between the musical madness (and genius) of Reunion Island group Lindigo and the energy of South African dancers, Via Katlehong which come come together in the delightful “UMQOMBOTI KABAR.  JOMBA! City is a hip and happening, family friendly night of dance and music magic making creative use of our beautiful beachfront environment!
images of Jomba City 2011 by Val Adamson

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