Epic the Scriptwriter

Epic “The Scriptwriter” Mtyingizane is a Grahamstown born rapper who has made a name for himself in the Eastern Cape and is slowly creatingg a following throughout the country. His thought provoking lyrics and the imagery which he creates with his words is a rare skill that many rappers and musicians alike have not paid enough attention to.

He says that he had always wanted to study film. This love for cinematography is what has inspired the storytelling which he often employs in his music that is often appreciated by those who are fans of his music. He has set this niche for himself and it has been what has set him apart from many artists within his genre.

Epic has performed alongside national acts such as Max Normal (now known as Ninja of the Die Antwoord), M.X.O., Jamali and most recently Mi Casa in Grahamstown for the Hunters Music Festival. He has also been featured as an act at the Grahamstown Arts Festival.

Epic has also released one extended play project which is entitled Epic’s Cinematography. He released this E.P. during the time when he was signed at True Sight Music; a Port Elizabeth based Production Company. This is where he was first given a platform to express himself and gain a following. He has since become an independent artist because he feels that it is the only way that he can expand on his own identity and brand as an artist. He says, “When you are a part of a label you are living someone else’s dream and this quite often means that your own creativity is limited. When you work as an independent artist you know that you have complete control about the choices in your career”.

Producing quality music which he feels can be recognized both nationally and internationally are what he has found to be his main objective. A combination of the love which he expresses for his music and lyricism are what he has mainly become known for.

His latest offering, a single entitled, Blah Ze Blah is a humorous play on words. He says that Blah Ze Blah is in fact a crew consisting of three members. They include a female vocalist who goes by the name of Zique, a beat boxer named Oz and DJ Chris Styles. Originally the track was meant to be entitled, Rhetorical Answer. He wanted to express a level of sarcasm in his music, expressing his feelings with people asking seemingly rhetorical questions such as “you are making music for the money, right” His answer would also be rhetorical however but expressing his own personal feelings at the same time.

Epic “The Script Writer” is one who feels that his music style should express his feelings at that time. He says that he cannot place himself into a particular category when it comes to the sound that he wants to produce. Blah Ze Blah was meant to be a song that expressed lyricism but also offered a beat that people could dance to. He wanted to keep the lyricism which is synonymous with rap music in the Eastern Cape but also have a sound that resonates with the youth and beats that people can move to.

Changing the ideals of artists within the industry is what he would like to eventually want to do, “I want to be that rapper that’s totally honest and not feel like they have to be anyone else. I can still be myself and make a difference in SA”.

His words resonate a lot with his fans. They believe that he has to offer as an artist. His belief in music and more specifically rap music in South Africa has been phenomenal.

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