I love the internet?

I was recently unfortunate to be in the company of a friend who was getting screwed over by her cellphone network provider. Said service provider was having problems with the internet and my friend was on the verge of pulling her hair out.  This whole situation was really unfortunate for me because I felt worthless as my friend was more interested in the fact that she couldn’t tweet or chat on BBM than pay attention to me.

This whole thing got me wondering about the effects of having the internet literally in the palm of our hands. The internet is probably the greatest innovation of our time.  I wouldn’t have a blog without it; you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the irony of reading this article on this web based journal nor do you have to endure a world without social networks. I’m intrigued by how people react when there is a problem with internet service providers, the anger becomes real.  It is so amazing how plugged in we all are or becoming. Most of our lives hang on this vast vacuum of information floating around somewhere (my own dramatic definition of the internet).

I have come to the conclusion that I hate the internet.  Well not really hate but indifferent, like how I am about that tragic soapie called Generations. Now before people start throwing their amazing gadgets at my face, let me be allowed to rant like an evangelist at will. My hope is that when your reach the end of this piece you may have a different perspective on the World Wide Web and how you use it.  If you don’t then its fine, but I’m sure Google has something on freedom of speech.

I could highlight how the internet is a hotbed of moral decay with the porn and whatever legal perversion people find interesting but I really don’t think that, porn stars and “freaks” are people too. My indifference really stems from what people are becoming because of this wonderful invention. Take for instance my friend, she had an engaging and intelligent (even if I do say so myself) human being in front of her but was too annoyed that she couldn’t tweet to the point that my presence really didn’t matter. She’d rather be upset over a technical glitch than just let it go and have conversation with me.

My friend is not a bad person but she is obviously addicted to always being plugged in. Everyone nowadays has to be plugged in or their life is over. We connect and we share and we create and we do all kinds of amazing things to be marvelled at by strangers around the world. It doesn’t end there because we start seeking validation from these strangers. I know how I get when I get more hits than expected on my blog.

I wonder what the internet’s contribution to human evolution is. We clearly are becoming voyeuristic as time goes by. There is no aspect of our lives that we don’t feel like sharing by uploading that picture or tweeting about what happened. With all this sharing also comes the trolling. People are not nice. The only reason they are nice is because they are cowards. If I am in the safety of my own home sitting comfortably on the sofa it is easier to judge and be rude.  Just go to any comments section on a popular gossip site and my theory will be proven (and it already has, google it).

It’s only just over a decade ago when people still sent letters and social networking was when people met up somewhere and actually engaged each other in real live conversation. These days I don’t even have to have a life to live one. I could just stay indoors with a laptop and lifetime supply of free internet and I am good to go. If you really think about it, work is the only reason why most people leave their homes. You need to work to get money to get stuff and to go out so your life can be exciting enough to be social network worthy. This point of view might be an extension of my active imagination but so are most things in the internet, so there.

I may be coming across as a bitter and uptight person. This could be true or not, you will never know. My point is, at the risk of sounding like the mad prophet preaching about the book of Revelations, the vastness that is the internet is not real. More to the point it is not life. It is really nothing but accumulated information thrown into this big black hole. I know it makes your life so much easier and what not. Maybe I just want the world to be big again or for people who really shouldn’t have opinions to shut up.  To be honest the internet can stay but the people though…

One Response to “I love the internet?”
  1. I so agree with your opinion of the internet. I sometimes feel like i can never have a quiet moment let alone a day to my self and my thoughts without someone bbm’ing me, inboxing me or dm’ing me or me googeling something i don’t know about. The internet has made us want to talk to each other 24/7 even when there is no need to make conversation. I ask myself then, has the internet made us afraid to be alone completely in our own company contemplating our own thoughts? why do we feel the need to let strangers know about our every move are we trying to compare our lives and make ourselves seem better than the next person? It seems to me that half these strangers that are my ‘friends’ are living false lives just so they can have some sort of celebrity status. On the other hand though i have learned so much from hearing other peoples thoughts and especially when i don’t feel like talking to someone i know about whats bothering me. I find all these social networks as a place to off load all that goes on in my head, and its nice to see that i am not alone sometimes that someone out there can relate to me and most importantly i can share my experiences and what i learn in the real world. You never know who might need your words, to encourage them or whatever. the problem comes when our lives start to revolve around the internet and we stop living in the real world.

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