P.H.fat lessons in musical para-normality

Is there anyone is our local alternative musical sphere that is capable of creating such funk friendly rare groove tunes that are space shuttering and so easily available for dance floor consumption? Its true eclecticism in music is an overstated virtue these days but still the charge endures. In their EP offering P.H.fat have carved a niche sound that is ripe with influence. A technicolor musical vector that combines elements of lyrical fluidity and beats that cross over form rave-esque euphoria to an almost dark and sinister robotic realm.

The real power of this album lies in its ability to merge descriptive lyrics with a functional musical mania. The standout track on the album is 1989. A throwback joint with a hip-hop feel immersed in electro beats with a slight kick of early bass drum nostalgia. It’s littered with cultural references and affirms that this shit aint rap it disco. This is psychotic musical stomp at its best. On Jump the band showcase the miserable state of their courtship skills. This song is a brash study of the literalism that is now expected of men when they are trying to bed a girl. It’s well paced, relevant and the kind of song you feel slightly guilty for enjoying, but that’s only before the drum kicks take over and push the song towards are more punk like plot taking a piss at the soft bubble gum rock era and its mushy lyricism.

This is an album that is clearly the product of a well thought through creative process. As a band and as a conceptual outfit PHfat are placing themselves in a rhythmic consign where flux is the order of things. Constantly experimenting with both subject matter and medium resulting in a high pitched concoction of musical pleasure. Kill the universe is not music for motion sick listeners, as they say it’s the year of the meticulous. On this song the band’s delivery is at its most potent. It the kind of thing that you would play at a sif jol where everybody just wants to jump up and down until they pass out from a pleasure-coma.  The intricate word-play and back and forth mic work make this album an consistently interesting and often surprising listen. Perhaps because it is a product crafted through sustained period of artistry. This is not an album that is built on musical tokenism rather it finds its seed in merging expletives with well timed riffs creating a sustained state of ecstasy.

After the release of the EP their site crashed but you can try download it here 

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