Kidults exhibition launch

Bridging the gap between adults and kids, this exhibition combines the two and allows adults to feel like a kid again. The launch of the Kidults exhibition was held at Free world design centre in Cape Town. It consisted of designers showcasing their contemporary work as well as a special appearance by Paul Du Toit. A local artist that has received global recognition for his creative output.

Apart from the whimsical art being exhibited, adults were able to get in touch with their inner child as candy floss and popcorn was readily available for everyone.

The people involved in the event showed their softer side as they invited some kids from Red River Primary School, based in Mannenberg, to be a part of it. The kids had the pleasure to paint with Paul Du Toit, who now goes to their school every week to help them with art, a subject they never had.

The scholars were part of the Rock Girl campaign, which is a movement that is determined to make South Africa a safer place to live in. They have started by making safe places for the learners at the school as well as getting the kids involved in artistic ventures such as the Kidults Exhibition launch.

The grade 6 learners jumped in enthusiastically and poured their creative talent onto the empty canvases. The collaboration of the kids and Paul resulted in two brightly coloured paintings, a possible reflection of these kids bright futures. The paintings are going to be auctioned of later this year, and proceeds will be donated to the school.

Renowned for his unique sneaker designs, Atang Tshikare is one of the artists showcasing his shoes at the exhibition. His display consisted of a range of different artworks including drawings, customised Adidas sneakers and sculptures, all surrounding the general theme; shoes. Atang says he gets most of his inspiration from the people around him as well as the constant desire to design. “Once I design something, I’m over it, I move onto something else,” said Atang.

The out of the ordinary display of Atangs artwork is described by himself, saying that people use the term keeping their shoes on ice, which is the thought behind his presentation.

The exhibition also includes artists such as Francois van Reenen, a painter and sculptor, whose display is inspired by pop culture. I-Jusi is presenting graphic design artworks from South Africa’s youth. The Fringe Arts are invoking the inner child in everyone by running arts and crafts workshops.


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