Tuesday Tune up: Yesterday’s Pupil

He is one of the interesting live acts in South Africa as well as a great producer. Yesterday’s Pupil has mastered the one man rock bad persona. Here he releases the second part of his album Duel! Download it now for free via his website

4 Responses to “Tuesday Tune up: Yesterday’s Pupil”
  1. brokenseeds says:

    Reblogged this on Brokenseeds's Blog and commented:
    greta video

  2. brokenseeds says:

    But neverthe less I digs the originality of the music…

    • mindmapsareporter says:

      True, good artists allow them selves to be influnced but add something new. This guy needs more local love.

  3. brokenseeds says:

    Kind of reminds me of Radiohead whom I am sure he is influenced by…there’s a line in one of thweir somgs that goes ” Yesterdays people Scatterbrained….”
    It is surely one of the greatest songs from one the greatest bands ever…

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