Full moon shining

Koldproduk has had a changing line up since forever, but they have an album coming out soon. Here is the lead single, featuring Mr last letter himself.

8 Responses to “Full moon shining”
  1. Maxitheman says:

    Love koldproduk, seriously legends in the making, we should be all so proud to have such talent coming out of South Africa

  2. queen says:

    From Straatligkinders, to those Frenchies Greg Basso and now to Zubz…

    These guys sure have a broad range!

    I like your passion and boldness to make whatever kinder music you like, Koldproduk.

    A bit schizo, but good schizo 😉

  3. imaged@perra.com says:

    Definitely one of the tracks that moved me the most so far in 2012.

  4. mindmapsareporter says:

    “I did not vote for dumb down TV shows,” so far the most outstanding lyric this year

  5. grego@tumblr.com says:

    I’m no fan of reggae/rap/urban music. But there’s something that strikes a nerve with this song.

    Good work

  6. wezamr@hotmail.com says:

    I think this video was leaked or something last year.
    I don’t know, but I’ve definitely seen it before.

    All the same, I smaak it!

  7. Goodwinner@gmail.com says:

    What a lovely message on this song, especially that chorus – DEEP!

    We all know Zubz has that ‘conscious type’ of rap on lock, but I like the mix that Moki Sage brings to the mix.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Always Loved the last letter…He goes harrrrrrd!!!!

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