The Roots: Undun

The Roots are a revolutionary musical outfit. As both a bad and a project their primary point of departure has always been merging narratives, rhythm and clinical lyrical expletives. With that said, they too are not immune for the habit of producing rather indulgent music that has the habit of repeating itself. Their latest album Undun is amongst their weakest showings yet. It’s an album that feels like a sophomore project of lyricists still struggling to align their groove. It is supposed to be a chronicle about the different stages of a person’s life, But categorically it fails to deliver any new and credible storyline. It’s a regrettable release and adds no value to an already placid genre.

There is no readily identifiable coloration between songs, particularly with the latter half of the album being just strings and instruments. Undun is a rushed project.  Most of the music sounds like leftovers from, The rising down. There is a great sense of urgency that no matter how much you try and ignore it you just can’t get rid of.  The only stands out tracks on the album are Lighthouse and On Time. And the reason why these are of any note is because of the Vocal range of Dice Raw, who adds some much needed life to a depressingly middling performance of beats and rhymes.


What makes this project particularly average however is that fact that Blaq Thought continues to be the masthead of the whole outfit. Song after song you get the feeling that this maestro is not allowing his compatriots to play their part in the musical experience. The result is an album that is firmly out of touch with The Roots and their socially evasive lyrical style. Undun of firmly unrooted. 



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