Climate justice film festival

In conjunction with COP17 the tri continental film festival will be hosting the Climate Justice Film festival. The festival will see screenings of “green films” being hosted at various venues around the city. These will include Howard college at UKZN, The Bat centre and The Collective gallery on Florida road here are some teasers.

People’s Space
 University of KwaZulu-Natal, Howard College Campus, Room F167
  3pm 5pm 7pm
Mon 28 November
  Age of Stupid Blue Gold
Tue 29 November
  Darwin’s Nightmare The Reckoning
Wed 30 November
  Crude Cuba – an African Odyssey
Thur 01 December
Remarking January 25th/Weather Gods The Take Black Gold
Fri 02 December
Remarking January 25th/Weather Gods Citizen X Sisters in Law
Sat 03 December
  Tapologo Eyes Wide Open
Sun 04 December
Cuba – An African Odyssey Crude Hunger
Mon 05 December
Green TAC – Taking HAART Sweet Crude
Tue 06 December
Paulo Freire – A Revolutionary Thinker Hunger Goddesses
Wed 07 December
TAC – Taking HAART A Little Bit of So Much Truth Weather Gods/Rural Women Speak Out
Thur 08 December
Tapologo We Feed the World Black Gold
The Bat Centre
 45 Maritime Place, Small Craft Harbour, Victoria Embankment
  12pm 3pm 6pm
Sat 26 November
  Green Sweet Crude
Sun 27 November
A Little Bit of So Much Truth Blue Gold Cuba – An African Odyssey
Mon 28 November
  Hunger We Feed the World
Tue 29 November
TAC – Taking HAART Crude A Little Bit of so Much Truth
Wed 30 November
Sisters-in-Law The Reckoning TAC – Taking HAART
Thurs 01 December
Green Tapologo Sisters in Law
Fri 02 December
Goddesses Cuba – An African Odyssey Tapologo
Sat 03 December
Age of Stupid Mugabe and the White African Darwin’s Nightmare
Sun 04 December
Total Denial Age of Stupid The Take
Mon 05 November
Mugabe and the White African Eyes Wide Open Blue Gold
Tues 06 November
Sweet Crude Black Gold Citizen X
Wed 07 November
Darwin’s Nightmare Goddesses Total Denial
Thurs 08 November
The Reckoning Remarking January 25th/Rural Women Speak Out Hunger

Ekhaya Multi-Arts Centre
 B25 Giya Road, Kwa Mashu
Mon 05 December
TAC – Taking HAART    
Tue 06 December
Eyes Wide Open    
Wed 07 December
We Feed the World    
Thurs 08 December
Fri 09 December
Stay With Me    
Sat 10 December
The Weather Gods

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