Durban Artists unite against climate change

Durban is a city that over the last few years has gained a stiff reputation for its apathy. Creatives within the city’s cultural circles have been for years complaining about the lack of support that collaborative initiatives get in the city. With the upcoming COP17 many of the world’s young creative minds will descend on the city to try and articulate to conference delegates the importance of getting a binding climate change agreement.

Many parts of the city will be converted into areas where artists will get together perform and showcase their works of art. Ranging from poetry and music, to street theatre and pop up exhibitions. The initiative is currently being spearheaded by the Durban Knights an independent of collective of creatives that are looking to express themselves artistically about environmental issues during the conference and beyond. You can find out more about the DurbanKnights at

There will be daily updates on what is going on in and around the city as well as event time and dates. The central meting point will be The Collective gallery on Florida road (where Ikes Books is) creatives will converge at the space on Thursday 24 Nov at 6pm. This is where artists can update each other on the initiatives they are working on in and around the conference as well as plug into other initiatives that are also going one. You are also encouraged to bring any sort of material that you think might be useful such as cardboard, paint, fabric, paint brushes and so forth.

Additionally well known Durban writer and activist Sarah Dawson will be travelling in and around the city and interviewing people daily on what is happening and the projects they are working on. Her daily video upload will be available for viewing and sharing so please do take five minutes out from the painting and performing and speak to her and her crew.

Lastly as part of a global mural tagging program, artists all around the world in tribute to environmental change will be painting a mural encouraging the responsible use of resources. The mural (pictured below) has already been recreated in various parts of the world such as Bolivia and Denmark. Durban artists have also joined part of that global call and the city’s own version of the mural can be seen at The Corner Café in Glenwood.

Look out for more daily updates here and also check out our partners and

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