340ml the road ahead

340ml is one of the most groundbreaking bands in South Africa. The Mozambique founded outfit is a mixture of rock, blues and everything in between. But perhaps what makes them so appealing is the attention to detail that they give to their music and their willingness to experiment. The collaboration with Tumi as part of the volume has seen some of the bands members dabble in a wide variety of genres. We caught up with Tiago from the band ahead of their performance at Unit11 on the 15th.

1. You guys originally came to S.A for academic purposes, what made you all want to pursuit music full time?

 One of the reasons we got into music was to avoid University chores. I guess one of the reasons why we’re still doing it is because we’re still running away from other forms of employment. Oh, and we like making music. I think that’s also a pretty valid reason.

 2.  After the success of the first two albums, is there pressure on you to deliver on the same level?

Success?! Subjective success. We try not to put pressure on things. Pressure brings out bad things in us.

 3. After having taken a break for so long at releasing an album, when you started working on the second one were you afraid and did you sort of have to re discover each other again?

 We took a break from Studios, we didn’t really take a break from each other. We just had to get into the habit of being in a Studio and recording songs but it was really an interesting journey with the guys again.

 4. Some of the band members are a part of The Volume, how has that experience worked out?

 It makes things complicated sometimes, especially in terms of time management. But it’s been great, and one band pushes the other.

 5. As friends what would you say are some of the things you have discovered about each other whilst making music?

 All sorts of things. Bad things, good things, things. Most of them are secrets, very dark secrets no one can ever find out. Cue scary film music.

 6. What is it like to work with Tumi and what have you learned from him?

 Working with Tumi is sensational. Among many things I’ve learned from him, the one that sticks out is: Keep working, non-stop!

 7. Are there plans for a new album and if so what are they?

 There are plans. We wanna record outside South Africa. Not wanting to get too much into it, we’re did some tests in February, in a studio on an Island somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

 8. Your sound is influenced by a wide variety of styles, how would you guys describe it?

 I like to call it Experimental Tropical Pop.

 9. You do not do a lot of features on your albums, is this an intentional decision?

 I think we do enough features. Our last album had 12 songs and we featured a total of about eight artists, all over the album.

We don’t really go out of our way thinking about album features, they just happen.

 10. What was the craziest experience you have ever had at a gig or whilst making music?

 If I tell you do you promise you won’t tell anyone?

 11. You guys seem to stay out of the headlines and the celebrity culture and being in the headlines for the wrong reasons. How have you managed to stay so grounded?

 We try not to do dumb things. Most of the people who live in headlines do it on purpose. They want to be there and their careers need them to be there. It’s a thought out thing they do.

I don’t think our careers need it right now. Maybe one day when we decide to take it to the next level. Celebrity culture sounds exhausting, why should we get into it?

 12. You have performed at many places and with many people what would you say you would still like to achieve?

 A mix of clichéd things like: Respect, success, recognition, financial stability, experience and all those wonderful warm things.


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