A seson of simplicity

  A Season of Simplicity is an inspirational contemporary dance play by the Agulhus Theatre Works.  The group is made up of a number of performers with physical disabilities. What would be seen by many as their greatest impediment, especially in dance, becomes the selling point of the production.  “You are my eyes and I am your feet” sets the tone of the performance. It encapsulates the message carried through graceful movement and song. 

 A Season of Simplicity depicts Christian values through narration, dance and music. In many ways it plays on the senses of the audience using lighting and sound. There are scenes performed in utter darkness and others in complete silence.  Such effects allow the audience to step into the performer’s world for a few seconds, and out again when the lights and sound are turned back on. The importance of unity is shown in one of their dance pieces where all dancers are blindfolded, and therefore dependent on each other to successfully execute the entire routine.  

 Faith is also depicted; believing in a world where the impossible is made possible.  Seeing people who have different physical disabilities on stage confidently defying the odds is definitely heartening. One of the lead dancers is visually impaired but lights up the stage with her smile while performing.  This causes one to almost see beyond her inabilities and tap into her soul from where she emits such confidence. The crutches and a wheelchair that were also used as props, served as powerful symbols of overcoming ones ‘weaknesses’.  This production calls for a world where people look beyond each other’s flaws and find the spirit being within.  It is breath taking and definitely worth a watch.


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