The great American crisis

Health care has been one of the most pressing issues in America for many years. This is probably one of Barrack Obama’s biggest obstacles that could ultimately crush his dream or ambitions for re – election.

Seen as an icon for change and champion for the poor, president Obama has tried but failed to implement his electoral promise that is health care reform in America.

The problem with the health care in America is that it is just too expensive, with the country said to have one of the highest health care costs in the world. Perhaps the most significant problem with the health care system in America is the fact that over 50 million USA residents have no health insurance whatsoever. More worryingly though is that this number keeps increasing year on year.

This is due to the fact that employers are shifting health care costs to the employees leaving, American workers struggle to keep up with the payments of higher premiums and co- payments if they can even afford such coverage at all.

There has been a tense situation across the country as employers demand to slash health care coverage for workers. This issue caused 60,000 workers from a Southern California Grocery store chain to strike and lockout.

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