Buzzing On Florida

Just about every aspect of our lives has a trend, the “in-thing” if you may, from clothes, to furniture down to your underwear. Food and restaurants are no different. Chocolate, fish and pop-cakes is what seems to be “trending” right now. I know what you’re thinking, chocolate, fish and pop-cakes? Probably sounds like a retro band from the 80s but these trends are causing quite a stir in the culinary world right now.   Chocolate is nothing new to us, it’s been around for a while now but there is a new twist in how it’s being used and consumed.

It has surpassed its dessert status and graduated top of its class to now being used as a condiment, a flavour enhancer and an enrichment. So what do you get when you cross a cake, a biscuit and a stick? A pop-cake. These trendy unique treats are moist pieces of cake with biscuit that are dipped in chocolate or vanilla, adorably decorated and popped on a lollipop stick. Pop-cakes are gaining popularity mainly for their novelty and their ability to be eaten stress free without worrying about your fingers getting sticky.

Fish is making a comeback in a big way, especially fish that is still plentiful in. Mackerel fits that description. It is healthy and can be cooked virtually anywhere on a barbeque, a pan, grilled or baked. Now that we know what to eat this season let us take a closer look at the trendiest places to eat according to your budget.

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Written by Nomfundo Mgabadeli

2 Responses to “Buzzing On Florida”
  1. SihleMlambo says:

    I’m not surprised this is one of the most read articles, people like things.

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