Barack Obama: America Still Awaits “Change”

CHANGE was a huge buzz word throughout America in 2008.  Uncle Sam was caught up in the rapture of an intangible victory for minorities and the prospect of transformation of the highest order.  After finding themselves right in the thick of economic troubles and administrative frustrations, it was a sweet escape from reality to have hope for that change.

The beginning of the very next year, the Obama administration was bitch-slapped back into reality fast.  Policies and decisions by Obama, including lifting the ban on organizational funding of abortions, proved too liberal for even some hard-core

left wingers.  The Tea Party’s phobia of all that even smells socialist does not help issues either.  President Obama’s leadership was an extreme change from the conservative Bush administration and, perhaps, a change that the country was not prepared for so soon.

Honest, hard decisions were made by Obama in the middle of the Recession.  Obama notably denied certain companies (one being AIG) bail-out packages, because they were seen to have gotten into their financial troubles because of malpractice and poor corporate decisions.  Left wingers have, for the past few years, been labelling Obama a socialist because of policies in government health care, amongst other things.

And now, with 2012 looming, the future of America’s leadership seems more uncertain than ever.  One thing that the past four years in United States politics have proven is that leading a first world country is no job for someone who is “Everybody’s Boy”.  This seems to be the strategy republican hot shot, Mitt Romney is employing to appeal to mass voters.  This could come back to hurt the candidate if reaching across the wing for voters proves successful for him.  It definitely hurt Obama in the early months of his presidential term.

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