Wanna play?

It finally arrives! After it was first demonstrated on the 25th of October last year the MUCH ANTICIPATED Blackberry playbook was launched by research in motion (RIM`S) South AFRICA On the 8th of June in Sandton earlier this year. RIM`S said that they will be launching the 16GB, 32GB and the 64GB WITH THE 3d Model arriving soon.

“it will be available in later this year,” said MTN device and portfolio manager Teddy Maduna. Vodacom launched the playbook in July and they offer the 16GB and the 32GB, the pricing information was not yet available.

The availability of the Blackberry playbook in South Africa puts a lot of pressure on other tablets like the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy because of the popularity that Blackberry has gained in the country with the sales of their smart phones increasing. “I will definitely purchase myself one I love Blackberry products and their pricing is very reasonable, their products are also not complex like apple,” said Siyanda Mdunge a Blackberry admirer. In the US the playbook was released to the public on the 19th of April this year and it was reported that approximately 50,000 were purchased on the day. One can also ask that why should they take a gamble in a new product in the market when there are other tablets that have been around longer and have everything that one may require. Why should one spend his/her money on a product that has not been tried and tested?

Well the answer is this. The Playbook which has earned itself the nickname blackpad has a lot of enhanced features. it supports 1080p video playback. A 3 Megapixel (MP) front facing camera for video chatting over Wi-Fi and area- facing SMD camera that records. One of the extra features that the playbook boasts is a 1024×600 WSV 7-inch display and a 3D graphics accelerator. This tablet also supports high resolution video playback, and one of the most attractive features that the playbook has, is its micro-HDMI VIDEO output. It is also said to be that amongst other tablets which the playbook competes with like the Apple IPad and Xoom from Motorola the playbook is the lightest at just under a pound in weight

The playbook was launched in Canada and the US on the same day and in Europe in June. The feedback was both positive and negative. The consumers praised Blackberry for the Adobe flash supported web kit browser and also liked the HDMI feature output and its ability to multitask however the same cannot be said for its email and calendar application as the tablets requires the  Blackberry for that. Majority of the people who have bought the playbook seem to be less pleased with the fact that the tablet has fewer applications when one compares it to the IPad and Galaxy. RIM`S stated that 3000 more applications will be submitted.

Blackberry has been praised a lot about the security of the playbook; the playbook is the first devise to receive the Fips 140-z certificate which means that it can be used by the US federal Government agencies. It will also be the only tablet used by the Australian government because of it high security standards, it is also said to be that the Russian government will ban the use of the IPad because of it security reasons and will consider using the playbook as an alternative.


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