ELECTION SEASON: We are at it again!

17 years into democracy and the situation in our country still hasn’t changed much. Yes we are politically free (I can use toilets with any other race, ride in a bus with ‘blankes’ & attend the same school as them too) but what about being economically free?

 The rich are getting richer & the poor even poorer – our country’s political state has become a case of every man for himself (& his family + friends that helped him/her get there of course). Tenderpreneurs (entrepreneurs whose only goals in life are to get tenders via people they know), BEE deals gone wrong, fraud and corruption have engulfed some of our leadership placing the ordinary citizens needs at the bottom of the to-do-list time and time again.

I don’t think it’s even necessary for such matters to be reported on anymore because nothing happens to the officials that are wasting tax payers money on lavish hotels or flights. i.e. former Communications Minister Siphiwe Nyanda and more recently Minister of Corporate Governance & Traditional Affairs Sicelo Shiceka.

According to Statistics South Africa 47.1 % of people in South Africa still live in poverty, some even still use long drop toilets but the ruling party is estimated to have spent millions on their local government election campaign (barely 2 years after spending millions on President Jacob Zuma’s presidency campaign). They obviously have their priorities set more important issues.

On Monday the 2nd of May the African National Congress launched their motorcade campaign in Kwa Mashu, north of Durban. Leading the convoy of brand new vehicles which consisted of 3 Mini Coopers, a double cab van and a Toyota Quantum was KwaZulu-Natal Premier Zweli Mkhize. Members of the ANC with the aid of their heavily branded vehicles drove up and down the streets of the township urging the community to vote for the ANC come May the 18th.


But most of the people I spoke to that were watching this parade with me weren’t impressed at all. They said they didn’t understand why the ruling party had chosen to spend so much money on a campaign when there are still so many families that go to bed on empty stomachs. They expressed their anger about the constant promises that are made by politicians when votes are needed then after that they go back into their luxurious offices and shut their glass doors till the next election.

In recent months we have seen strikes, marches & protests about lack of service delivery amongst other things but not much is being done to rectify these issues. Weird enough people still vote for political parties that they say do nothing for them, could it be that they are tied to them because they fear the unknown?

Solutions are given in forms of long proposals which are seldom implemented, leaving the disadvantaged hopeless & fearful that they will never better their lives.

Sad really.

9 Responses to “ELECTION SEASON: We are at it again!”
  1. kuhle says:

    I like the blog and agree with what is being said the only thing that is missing is a solution. Many know this problem but one thing we fail to realise is that the only way to win this battle is by educating our people. It is pointless just giving money to the public in the form of grants and saying we are helping people. If anything this makes the situation worse. I know of young girls at intentionally fall pregnant for the sole purpose of receiving government grants, though the government gives this money to try help unemployed mothers the reality is the girls use this money as an entertainment allowance. This makes is makes these poverty stricken girls more dependent on the money thus repeating the cycle. Education will make our people more socially aware and responsible and I is not easy to tick educated people. That is the reason why little is invested on education if anything education has become expensive and almost impossible to obtain. Hitler once said give me controlled of the textbook and I will control the world. Our government is aware of this and that is why I believe little is been done to educate our people. I can go on this topic till infinity but I hope I’ve made my point

  2. Vusi says:

    Cut the long story short, opportunities are out there for our educated brothers and sisters. Matter of fact, the same ANC has implemented policies to balance the economical imbalances and all educated blacks are benefiting. So, guys and dolls, just focus on available resources to educate and make a success of yourself. Afterall, god for us all and guluva no mabhebeza for themselves.

  3. Sandile Gumede says:

    As a person who’s been following politics for quiet sometime now I will like to offer my political expertise to this matter raised.
    Firstly corruption is the foundation of politics. In another words you can not be in politics if you are not corrupt. Being corrupt is part of the game. i.e There is a proposed independent investigation about the relationship between Zuma family and the Gupta family. The investigation was proposed by Zwelinzima Vavi-not because he’s against the relationship of ZUMA-GUPTA families but simple because he hasn’t benefited as yet. The thing that might let Zuma off the hook is that even Helen Zille and her party had benefited that’s why there are quiet.

    • SihleMthembu says:

      i do not agree with the notion that the idea of politics is corrupt but more so i belive that the system is corrupt and hence the people are corrupt

  4. Anonymous says:

    The ANC is the only brand in politics so have no choice cs even if we don’t vote the immigrants and poor masses will do so.Economic growth fo ordinary citizens is a fantasy because they allowed foreigners to sell in our street coners to sell whatever and failed to raid drugs in Hillbrow yet our people who combat poverty by selling booze from their own house are raided and get their stock destroyed nw I understand why our country has become a heaven for foreigners yet prison for the sons of the soil.hw can the ANC act shocked when they see tht our people don have sanitation and water supplies?Liars don tell me u don knw goes on in your backyard after being in charge for 17 years.Sadly Zille is a politician like the ANC liars worst part is that our brothers are in power bt we are in hunger.Nw we have individuals who are aiming at being richer than the state instead of enriching citizens of the state.the only country am concerned about is my stomach amd I hv learnt frm the best ANC vote ANC kwakwakwakwa

    • SihleMthembu says:

      I am not sure that immigrants will vote vote ANC seeing as that there aren;t many of them who have the relevant paperwork. I think in terms of the issue of allowing them to come here it is more of a government issue then an ANC problem. I think we should be very careful because there is a difference.

  5. lindiwe says:

    Honestly I cudnt agree wit u mor zuma has only improve la evelakhona bt rada stick 2 a blck party dan d@ dsnt deliver dan hav amabhunu ruling agen is d only reason I cast a vote! Whites r hungry 4 power hence dey use blcks ukukhankasa(helen kissing a black man)

  6. kgomotso says:

    ‎​Hmm, true hey … There is no improvement , political parties suddenly care when voting time is near after that they turn a blind eye n people keep on voting 4 the very same people who aren’t doin jack to improve their standards of living .. Maybe they fear ukuthi apartheid izo buya

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