South Africa is Chicken!!!

South Africa is chicken. There, I’ve said it and I damn well mean it. Whew! That sure has taken the monkey off my back.  Now, why make such a retarded and baseless statement, you may ask?  Well, the answer is pretty forthright.  We are unable to go to war. I know enough about history and politics to know that the greatest societies were born from the advent of fighting. You don’t believe me? Ask the Romans, Persians and even more recently the French (even though they surrendered every time). Revolution is about war and the after effects that spawn from this timeless and stupid human endeavour.

As I have monitored news coverage of war with gnaw over recent months, I can’t help but feel under protected. I read and watch reports that speak about drone attacks, snipers, black hawks, intelligence, counter intelligence, no-fly zones and just feel that we’re nowhere near ready for combat. This is in the event that some arbitrary landlocked nation with a navy was to pick a fight with us, of course.

We have a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council. Great, but that was merely a political boost granted to us by our ever so helpful friend , China. Here’s a mundane yet critical fact about our military strength. We are unable to buy arms. But when it comes to selling them, we are like the first kid in line at the ice cream truck. Greedy and exceeding our potential. I can just see government fuming and Lindiwe Sisulu ready to school me about the great work our soldiers are doing in peace keeping missions across Africa. Right after she feels obliged to answer all the questions before parliament why soldiers can’t have a union. You see, we don’t fight. We keep the peace before and after the fight.  They sure are estranged to the fact that we can’t even buy arms. How can we help other nations in crisis if we are unable to purchase artillery, which is to the best of my knowledge, the basis of military preparedness?

When I watch the Remembrance Day celebrations throughout the developed world and see how much honour is given to the old guard, I cannot but feel a sense of embarrassment when I think of the MK Military Veterans Association and their constant scramble for RDP houses throughout the country. We can’t even look after people who helped secure our freedom. I know you’re probably thinking about how they actually received guerrilla training from the Soviets for decades, and still, we didn’t go to war. Right? Exactly. We negotiated our way to democracy. Look how far that has gotten us. We still live in a shamelessly unequal society. Had we fought our way here by means of civil war, we would at least have half the mouths to feed but besides that delusional remark, we would feel a whole lot better about our past. Ask the Jews just how refreshing exacting revenge feels.
I know I sound like a misinformed idiot who doesn’t know the complexities of war and appear desensitized to the collateral damage suffered by civilians at the hands of soldiers or the famine endured by the helpless. And you’re right, I’m sorry.   There is a far greater and ugly side to war than meets the eye. After all , America is so apologetic and repentant about how they are able to squeeze the little man out of his last breathe and bargain oil prices with a gun on the table. They really do falter at the pain suffered by children losing their parents while conveniently having croissants before their afternoon tennis matches at the Jones’s.

This is the real world my friend. And we are ill prepared. I have no ambition to be a clause in conversations by intellectuals and hippies as they blissfully play the moral high ground and affirm their understanding of the notion that love, peace and happiness are  the answer to humanity’s issues.

I am also not a member on any cult movement nor am I divisive. I am merely stating the importance of having a stronger South Africa that will “earn” its rightful place in a corrupt and superficial world order. Visionary is a better term to coin. Boo! Gotcha.                                                `

10 Responses to “South Africa is Chicken!!!”
  1. musa says:

    Very write with the article ,there are lots of issues that people have become so affraid to talk about especially in the governemnt. Our Government is so corrupt its not a joke and people are turning a blind eye to that.

  2. Nomvula Sikakane says:

    this makes me ask myself a lot of questions about my safety in this country. tough hey……

    • SihleMthembu says:

      Yah but I guess we are not worried because well really who is going to attack us Zimbabwe–No we have half their population. Al Queda? No we are very Muslim freindly. China? No we are best buddies. USA, they are trying to get us to break up with China and sleep with them. its a nice thing to know we have no enemies. Although if we win the Rugby World cup I am sure New Zeland and Australia might declare a war on us.

  3. Vusi says:

    Funny u never questioned ur learned colleague about that???

    • SihleMthembu says:

      mY collegue never talked about movements

      • Vusi says:

        “I am also not a member on any cult movement”. This, i quote from the original post. These are movements that may share your collegue’s idea as i understood but then again, he would explain that better.

    • SihleMthembu says:

      when you advised him to join a movement I thought you were talking about a movement that you are a part of. Why are you advising him to join a cult movement when he has clearly stated his position on either end?

  4. Silusapho says:

    Well said and honestly said.

    • Vusi says:

      I suppose it takes one to know one. If you so concerned about the security of our country, or lack thereof, then why aren’t you in any of the relevent movements or devisive for that matter. To me, u sound like an attention seeker who would be first in ther airport queues should our country be underattack. Just spare us ur patriotic musk and join the movement to show ur passion.

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