I was in a taxi and the infamous Prophet Paseka Motsoeneng aka Mbhoro’s name came up and man, oh, man, did the commuters have a mouthful to say about him.

 Some referred to him as a saint who is devoted to helping others; but most cursed calling him a thief and chancer who is just after money from naïve people. Mbhoro is the founder of Incredible Ministry. The hour long slot on Soweto TV which airs every sunday. where his shown performing miracles & “banishing demons” from possessed bodies.On the programme he also encourages those in attendance to purchase holy water, vaseline & candles – all of which have his face on the label – which he says works in conjunction with prayer. How convenient! He is well known for his dancing during the programme as he makes his way around the church searching for “evil spirits”. His often spoken about nails which appear longer every time he appears on the screen are an eye sore.

What shot him into the blinding spotlight a few Sunday’s ago, was a report written by two Sunday World journalists after they attended the Easter convention held by Mbhoro at a stadium in Johannesburg. These journo’s claim to have seen the Prophet sticking his fingers into a young woman’s vagina saying he was taking out the ‘evil spirits’ that she had been sleeping with  unconsciously every night when she went to bed.

While he was moving his fingers in a rhythmic way to “remove” the spirits he allegedly told the woman to say his name repeatedly. He then allegedly went on to place his foot on another woman’s vagina to help her and her husband regain their bedroom bliss. The woman said when she and her husband engaged in sexual intercourse she felt a sharp pain in her genitals forcing her to rule out the act completely.

Mbhoro has denied these allegations citing that there is a conspiracy against him. This according to the journalists was done for all to see, the women’s privacy was not taken into consideration. Mbhoro has denied these allegations citing that there is a conspiracy against him.

In a more recent report the prophet and his entourage of bodyguards were arrested on charges of being in possession of illegal firearms. Mbhoro was later released on bail & two of his bodyguards kept in custody as they are suspected of being foreign nationals. In the Sunday World article questions were raised on Mbhoro’s sudden fortune when a few years ago he had been blacklisted by ITC for owing money to Nedbank.

Now many have cried foul going as far as saying that Mbhoro violated the women’s rights but this is unless as the women in question were offended by the Prophet’s actions. We have no right to poke our fingers (excuse the pun) and demand he be investigated? If he was exercising his methods on the women while they kicked & screamed it would be a whole different story.

To allow such actions to take place to themselves must mean the women were painstakingly desperate and in need of immediate relief from whatever burden they had on their shoulders.

If the ladies thought the procedure used by Mbhoro could bring them healing then who are we to judge?
But then again a congregation looks up to their leader. Is it still considered part of protocol when he/she takes advantage of that?

On a more personal note, I’d run very fast in the opposite direction if my Pastor even winked at me let alone try to pull up my skirt. We are all just very different and choose to believe in different things, let’s just leave it at that.
  1. Zanele Zondo says:

    Who said Mboro is feaking. People stop acting like fools and be Happy thar u hv some one who vn heal nd dont judge. People are so quick to Judge nd sliw to fix there Life’s. Mina I cn go anywhere with Mboro Cause I know what have been through

  2. Zukiswa says:

    Mna tata umbhoro ndifuna ukuva uba xangabe ndingena mali yokuza lapho ukhona bt ndiyawufuna umthandazo wakho ndingenza njan

  3. Mapantsula says:

    I needs help pls

  4. faith says:

    pls help me i really need your prayers my daughter is suffering from epilepsy can Mbhoro help me..if so pls help me find him, pls anyone this is an urgent matter!!

  5. Vuyo Bongani mtetwa says:

    Hi ther,, URGUNTLY!!!! I need to see pastor Mboro,am a young man in piet retif mpumalanga district,have tried so many atimes to get better life,partner,money,job,house,car and somy tings which i need in my life,but i dont ever since i finished skool from 2007 have never been having money,am a man who is very talrnted but noyhing is coming the ryt way every thing is impossible with me.its like my family was bewtched cz everyone is struggling.so please man of God help me,am a breatheren also a young pastor but nothing comes out as means of living and am now becoming a loughing stock to the people may call me.0715096340 please sir i really need yoyr help sir uguntly.

    • Matthew 6:31 ” So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the PAGANS run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. …. In the way I read this verse he is not saying, go to bible school and then everything will be added to you. He is saying the Kingdom should be priority and focus and God will take care of the other things, If we are not careful we will despise what God has added to us while focused on what we think he should added. Your car is not important, your house is not important. (it is important if you carnal). The Kingdom should be your priority

      Matthew 6 (AMP)
      24 No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will stand by and be devoted to the one and despise and be against the other. You cannot serve God and mammon (deceitful riches, money, possessions, or whatever is trusted in).

      God has your life in his hands. Let him have his way and work hard. Give your life in the hands of the most high and don’t trust man with your life but God. Is it more important to have money and not have God? Think about what you saying. Faith is walking trusting God to be your all.

  6. zanele dlamini says:

    Baba uMboro siyakudinga lana e(kzn)sihlezi sibukela uhlelo lwakho kwi(soweto tv)sibona imanga nezimanga liso uphilisa abantu lapho sebelahle ithemba nami ngingomunye osemcane ona28weminyaka unezinkinga kakhulu empilweni yakhe solokhu ashiywa abazali ngo(2002)bengishiya ngingena khaya namanje anginakhaya ngihamba ngihlala ngiqhasha empilweni yami kumnyama ngicela ungikhulekise

  7. god angel says:

    All of u r talking but der is one thng I cn say Yeh even if mboro is a satanism gang if you go 2 his check n b live in him still go der but he shld stop killing kids jst for him 2 hve money dt bullwhip I pray for him to be the truth prophet and all the evil should live him I pray that he admits all his wrong and I pray for him to change and become the really prophet once again may u god show mboro the way and myk him see he has sinned and has left so many families in pain killing innocent children mboro only god can judge u nt us instead we have to pray to God dat u stop being an opportunist in the name of jesus amen

  8. PAT TEBOGO says:

    In the name of jesus god help mboro 2 repend.cuz he is devicing peoples

  9. amando says:

    hhay dis mam is evil,what are those long nails for?are they for doing anal sex to women in church in the name of healing them?

  10. mbali says:

    its funny hw ppl can comment abt things they dnt really understand. mbhoro is not a pastor jst to correct that.he s human he wll make his mistake n he has never asked anyone to come to his church. jst coz ur pastor cant heal doesn’t mean u should attack others. why aint u all talking abt the good things he does for the ppl . he has a giving hand . he builded houses for the ppl. gave ppl job. gives ppl food , helped schools, gve children school uniform, help ppl bury their loves one,sponsor tournaments………..the list continues. no matter hw u label him .at least he does gud things and wht have u done?luv u daddy.i have learned to help others

    • Anonymous says:

      Nezikhonzi zikasathane ziyaphilisa abantu ngoba ziba khohlisa. Bakwethu vulani amehlo ngabaprophet bamanga bezinsuku zokugcina.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The is nothin like that moboro nothin can change that

  12. Ntombenhle says:

    I do belive in u and i am asking for prayer to pass

  13. TruthBeKNow34232 says:

    He Is A FALSE MINISTER. Read this and see the proff

  14. Anonymous says:

    Mhboro iz a fire nt a false bho

  15. nomusa says:

    This man of god please give him a break . as long he help people.

  16. Linah says:

    I dont have a baby am not wrking plz pray for me and save my marriage

  17. 3568624 Truth beknown says:

    This video hear talks about what mbhoro is doing wrongly
    How he is using his name over the name of Jesus,

  18. nomasonto moporo says:

    I hear everyone here, but can I ask a question? To all that say moporo is fake have any of u been to IH? I presume not, coz once u were there then u wuold have felt the annoiting of god. I’m nt saying moporo is god or jesus bt he is the annoited, and I believe he is sent by god to do wonders. God sent his only son on earth only to be kicked, whiped, crucified eyc, jesus did miracles and they still crucified him, and why are u all ganging up on moporo? None of u are talking abt chris? Zondo? Lekganyane? People wear crosses on their necks, others put wools around their weists. Apostolic people use ‘holy water aswell’ zcc uses its own vaseline and its own brand of brown mealie meal bt none of u is talking abt it! NO it had to be the prophet of god!!!! Please read romans 14 . And I hope the lord blesses u all in jesus name amen

    • 3214g3 Truth be known says:

      There are people already talking about zcc and all kinds of ministrys, we talk about Mbhoro coz we dnt see wt he does in the bible

  19. lona u must leave mbhoro alone u know nothing bathong people are suffering and the man of God is healing them stop harassing mbhoro

    • krnhartlief@gmail.com says:

      Good day! I would like to unsubscribe from this site, please don’t send me mails anymore,Thank You
      Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  20. musa says:

    Good day World ,thought I should put something here.

    Well for as long as this thing is in this blogg it won’t stop spreading lies about the Prophet.
    You touch Prophet Motsoeneng you touch me I must say.
    Out of all the people who are the preachers all over the place why is he the only one who is being attacked.

    Is it because he is the real man of God?
    Is it because his work is outstanding?
    Is it because he is more Annointed than many?

    Has anyone ever sked himself how come so many times good people are getting more attacks than bad ones?

    The fact is even if its him Or the Power of God that he has that changes people ,the fact is people are getting blessed when they attend that church..

    You who is talking more about the Bible teachings>>>the same God we pray to was only loved by few.(why was it only Noah and his house who got saved)
    why was Lord Jesus Christ not loved by all people even though he saved many and He still does even today and people are still hating the Salvation of the Lord?

    Prophet Motsoeneng is not a healer nor is God or Jesus Christ,he is just a prophet.
    FYI I am wearing his golf shirt as i am writing this, and I am not afraid of dying or of the devil .let me tell you. Its all because of the faith in Lord Jesus Christ that i found by attending his church.

    • Ricky G Mush says:

      We touch Mbhoro we touch you?
      No1 is attacking you prophet, Chief, The thing is he is no TV and coursing confusing to our Christian faith. Mbhoro’s work is outstanding? He is anointed more than many? What are you talking about? Dont compare God and mbhoro! In Isaiah 45:5 God says” I am God and there is no other, I am God and there is none like me. so dont do that……..

      And why is it that you people wear his t-shirt? Why….. Exodus 20.4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.” not even mbhoro…. What are you people doing?

  21. Jack says:

    Hi,i have the problem with pimples,i tried many things but i didnt get help,ngifuna ukuza esontweni lika Pastor Mboro,angilazi ukuthi lingaphi,lingena ngobani ngicela ungisize mawunayo i information,i wil apreciate ur help.

  22. Kennedy Mokhosi says:

    Thanks Mbhoro I remember the first time I spoke and started using my faith to glorify God, it was when I watched your tv services. I began to attend your church services they then somehow by the Grace of God blessed me sturdy but shoddy with the Holy Spirit.

    • Ricky G Mush says:

      Hey Fox… Its Ricky G Mush again. Just wanted To alert you of something i found just few day ago…….. Called the Kundalini Warning….. Its something that shocked me but i Have being suspisious to it,,, Please Watch It/….. it Will help you Understand what is happenging in Revelation Church and Mbhoro’s Ministry…….. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWeUNoR30_0
      Shalom……. PLEASE WATCH IT

  23. BONGEKA says:


    • Ricky G Mush says:

      Mbhoro Changed Your Life? Not God? Think about what your saying….. The bible says ” Cursed is a man that puts his trust in man(Jeremiah 17:5)….. And also says ” Looking unto Jesus, the author and Finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12.2). Think About it

  24. Anonymous says:

    am mummy about all this i do not know what to be believe anymore

    • Ricky G Mush says:

      Hi Mummy” Just wanted to send you this’ John 3.16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
      17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

      Mummy, Belive that. The rest is just once you understand that. God Bless you

  25. Lillian Zanele a.k.a Ncane Sekhoto says:

    Nna I jst lov Ntante Mboro wth al of my heart,he so blessed 2 hv him as. A server send by God and people can talk abt him and say nastY things I do not care because my lov 4 Ntate MBORO wil neva eva change nd wsh God can treasure 4 good i see people are healed by ur heart and by believing I did see u but I wish 2 touch nd hv a 4to wth u plz reply me so I can come and hav a picture with I love u ntate

    • Uknown says:

      This dude is a real fake 100% my dear.

    • Ricky G Mush says:

      Lillian Please read Matthew 23:9, that’s all i can say to you

    • Ricky G Mush says:

      You speak about him like he is Jesus. Mark 12.30 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart ” you certainly don’t have space for that, do you? Your Love for mbhoro wont change, so your love for God can be compromised? You wish to touch him like he is Jesus! Dear please read your bible and examine your heart weather you love this man more than God….. May God Help you so you see the truth!

    • 3568624 Truth beknown says:

      This is all i can say to you.

  26. Anesihle says:

    Couldn’t he remove the demons by faith and not his fingers? I was starting to like him and his work until I saw on last night’s session of that woman who’s foot’s rotten.He layed his hand on her tigh.Couldn’t he ask his wife or his female helper? May God forgive me if I’m looking at him with bad eyes.

    • Ricky G Mush says:

      Anesihle, Its God who showed you….. Many dont want to know the truth, or see it themselvs. Dont be sorry, Many see what you saw but they dont see beyond that! John14.26 “But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.

  27. Anonymous says:

    ASK FOR FORGIVENESS MBHORO FOR WHATEVER YOU HAVE DONE SO FAR AND GOD WILL GIVE YOU ANOTHER CHANCE. Ask for holy spirit to lead you and you will find a right way to do things of GOD. The things of GOD has order

    from Heroine

  28. Anonymous says:

    MBHORO IS TOTALLY OUT OF ORDER. As servant of GOD you have to lead by example. Theres no way you can touch womans parts, prayer in JESUS NAME AND BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS is enough to heal,deliver, help and prophesy people. GO BACK TO JESUS, FIND REVIVAL, AND RESSURECTION

  29. Alfred says:

    I can advice u to leave that Man alone, stop judging him. No one has the rigth to jugde. if you suspect him, did u enquire GOD about him. Please leave that man alone. From Evangelist Alfred.

    • Ricky G Mush says:

      Sir i respect that you are an evangelist” but sir” Lets clearly define what is Judging” Judging is sentencing a person, We are not sentencing anyone, we are examining what the man does, if we as christian say nothing ‘then we approve what he is doing…. Well the bible says ” by their fruits you shall know them, Have you examined his fruits?

      Course if you have’nt … we have

  30. Anonymous says:

    I can advice u to leave that Man alone, stop judging him. No one has the rigth to jugde. if you suspect him, did u enquire GOD about him. Please leave that man alone. From Evangelist Alfred.

    • Anonymous says:


  31. Thenji says:

    Helo people pls cn I have pastor Mbhoros details. M going thru a rough patch and I nid healing quickly. Thanx in advance

    • Fear LESS... says:

      Pray…………….. Mbhoro is not Jesus LUKE 9.1 says”When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases,

      You Were Included there.

    • musa says:

      Hi Thenji its over a year now, i just would like to find out how are you keeping. and to advise that anything that with men is impossible with God it is possible. And just hoping you got got better if not. seek God’s devine help and if can’t get any. The Prophet’s church is in Katlehong and I can guarantee you,no one comes to Lord Jesus Christ and remains the same ,He has all the answers you are/were looking for and He is faithfull all the time.

      • krnhartlief@gmail.com says:

        Hello would you mind taking my posted information away because people are phoning me to ask me about Pastor Mboro,please remove my whole information and my written story,Thanks
        Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

    • Ricky G Mush says:

      Psalm 121.1-2
      “I lift up my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.”” That’s who’s digits you need! and his digits are in prayer and in your bible

    • Ricky G Mush says:

      Psalm 121.1-2
      “I lift up my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.”” That’s who’s digits you need! and his digits are in prayer and in your bible

  32. Anonymous says:

    FRIENDLY advice to Mboro please don’t forget ur Creator.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I will like to attend his services , but he is not covincing enough so I’m scared that I ‘m be in fall in the same trap wokukhonza izithixo.

  34. Anonymous says:

    the only thing I can say uyazigabisa , aka gabisi Unkulunkulu umnini mandla wondle , even if he is sent by god but he is a siner now ngoba uyazigabisa akaphamisi ubukhulu buka Jehova.

  35. Karen says:

    Hi! Pastor mbhoro,I have a prayer request,but I would actually like you to come and pray for my daughter Ashley,myself and my family,we are staying with neighbors that is doing the worst to destroy us with witchcraft. This is happening to us since we were kids,my parents new but they didn’t know that God can do what seems impossible to them,I cannot give you the full history via email but,I would like to see you personally,I also have this problem with my colleages at work, they just don’t want to see me happy,they make sure I am misserable evertday at work,and my neighbors are even worst,It will definetely make them happy to see me die,but I cannot,not for the sake to make them happy,because I. Know my calling since I became a born-again-christian,I am still residing with both my parents at – Block D Flat Nr.3,Silver Street,Eldorado Park,my mobile numbers is 0815613172 or 0782055853,please hurry,I have seen how God is using you to heal people through you,thank you for reading this yours sincerely Karen

      • karen hartlief says:

        Good-Evening! I’m really tired of satan and his works and ways and I want him to leave my kids and myself alone. My daughter that was on drugs for three years has found a place of safety and Rehabilitation two months ago,after I’ve been send from pillar to post from the polise station when I was looking for help. But because I have decided to become for Jesus once again my child has ran away again as I’m writing this letter to you, I need urgent prayer because, the Lord of Heavens and Earth says where two or more are in His name He will be there to answer that prayer. As I told you in my first email that I live with neighbors whose seeing witch doctors for me and my children,I need God to put this to an end because it is happening for many years,please keep on praying for me, Thank You Karen 0782055853

  36. Ando says:

    Hhay kabi bafwe2, lets read our bibles (Rom 12:2),
    asi-judgi muntu
    but (Matt 7:15-23);
    we must ‘beware’ – ngoba baningi aba-prophethi bamanga baphumile in the world,
    (dressed like sheep but they are ferocious wolves inwardly)
    heres the punchline ***- “by their fruits ye shall know them” ***kushiwo lapho
    i-character – i-lifestyle leyo bafwe2,
    masibheke phela ukuhamba kwabo – masingadideki
    ivangeli li-straight nje linye alijiki.

    God bless u all.

  37. Rick G Mush says:

    ur problem is dat u dnt knw da bible!. . . . . U dnt knw God.
    1. Tell me, are the peopl vomiting snakes born again?

    U cnt b born again and vomit a root, 2 b born again means 2 b a divine being dats why paul calls it “New creation”2corinthns5.17.

    I cnt b born again and stil need delivarence 4rm DEMONs. U are joking and playing. . . U dnt knw God. , go read ur bible and stop ignorence. . . . To be born again means to be dressed according 2 da heavely glory 2cornth5.1-8. To be born again is to have da grace[2c12.9] of God work u 2 da image of christ Romans8.29.

    Stop playing, read da bible and stop pleasing man by asuming every man dat says jesus. . . . Is a man of God. . ,

    • Anonymous says:

      rick how are you to judge mbhoro, Mbhoro he is here to heal not to study bible .
      He knows the word God.
      today lot of people they are healed because of him ,STOP Criticizing.and get a life.
      we need him ,

      • Rick G Mush says:

        Anonymous… Its Ricky Again….. I’m not a critic, I am A Theology student. I know a weird minister when I see him. Psalm 107:20 says” He sent forth his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave…. Some healings are weird. And not prophetic, … To me a man of God is one with Integrity not the one who Dances till his legs are in the Air…… Mark13.22 says”’ For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and miracles to deceive the elect–if that were possible….. Be careful My Friend…. I hope i did not offend you… We are all Students to Christ…. Shalom

      • Anonymous says:

        hey Ricky! i understand you, by all means you have a valid point.Untill you have your own unique solution or a devine way to heal and cast out demons, i think its best you keep quiet and stop judging.Mbhoro is a prophet, a true prophet and I love his deeds.People need help, they need to healed and set free from all their curses. Since we both cant do that, let shut up and let Mbhoro do it.

      • joy says:

        Mboro I have never belive u bcoz u are a bg fool get a lyf man

      • 3568624 Truth beknown says:

    • 3568624 Truth beknown says:

      Thank you Ricky… He is gloring in his name.

  38. Rick G Mush says:

    1 timothy 5.24
    Some men’s sins are open beforehand, going before to judgment; and some men they follow after. . . .

    1. Leadrs who do wrong and
    2. Their followers go after.

    Becare ful friends.

  39. Rick. G Mush says:

    those following him and hs fans!! Listern 2 me. . . U r fans of mbhoro nt Jesus. . . . .
    1. why does he always put such a strearch 2 hs name, and not jesus?

  40. Rick .G Mush says:

    Mbhoro is a Fake. . . . & he knws it.
    1. Why do man of God walk with people who have guns? Jesus stopped peter 4rm using a sword. Mt26.51-52. Read it n dnt defend him.

    More on dat il tell u. . .
    Bt listern 2 me. Mbhoro must repent. . . . . . He is in trouble wit fire in judgment day

    • musa says:

      ***Ricky G Mush***
      What is your problem, are you against MBhoro or what.
      Let me tell you this anyone who is against him are mostly the devil worshippers and the satanists ,are you one of them?

      • krnhartlief@gmail.com says:

        Good day! Are u accusing me?
        Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

      • Ricky G Mush says:

        We Do not accuse you sir, Your deed are the ones that accuse you. Speak the truth and Walk in the path of the truth, you will not be accused. You are just MAN. You are Not GOD. Bless You

      • Ricky G Mush says:

        Im not against him… He should just preach Jesus and stop making people sing his song! and I am well dedicated to Tell him that he should fix his ways with God and stop telling people things not scriptural. On the 16 December 2012 on Soweto Tv he was saying “people should link with him. Were is that in the bible? If he preaches the bible i will leave him. Until then, Me and him are Not in one Kingdom…Period

      • 3568624 Truth beknown says:

        Musa Ricky is telling you the scripture. but your blindness has cost you, your full salvation. Mbhoro is in error and he glories in his name and not the name of the lord of salvation. Watch the video.

      • 3568624 Truth beknown says:

  41. Dino Mondlane says:

    I in KZN, Eshowe to be exact. I am the fan of Mbhoro, I am touched by what he is doing to people with problems. I have a mother in Mpumalanga who was thrown at by muti. She constantly crying literally, and that is causing even me to be so demoralised. She can’t sleep at night. Please Prophet, help my mother, please go into my mom’s house and chase all bad muti they have used on her. I am prepared to give anything as my token for appreciation. Also, Prophet open up your branch were I am so that I constantly involved in your teachings!

  42. Vic says:

    indeed we cannot judge, however one must have a gift of descening spirits to be on the safe side. I for one will not sing praises to anyone no will I be prayed for in any other name but the name of Jesus. I will not buy any products (with someone’s face) for my healing, I’d rather pray God directly. That is just my decision and preference, and I am not judging anyone

    But beware and be reminded of the verse; “Mat 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
    Mat 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

  43. nonzuzo says:

    I would like to get mbhoro’s contact details, I am in Cape Town and I need his help. My daughter has been missing since the 31 August, 2011. I would like Mbhoro to help me find my daughter. I believe in his healing.

    Nonzuzo Ntubane

  44. Jean Shange says:

    Those journalist went as far as recording some of the proceedings of Mbhoro’s church. He was on cutting edge yesterday. What is confusing about his faith is that he wants people to worship him, most of the songs in the church seem to praise him more than being about Jesus. As for the creatures he takes out of people, hhayi angazi.

  45. Tshepo serite@vosloo says:

    Hey guys plz stop harrasing mbhoro wit your lies coz mbhoro he has a gift frm god of healing pple so plz leave him in peace not in peaces.any1 who has a problem wit him call me 0764128018 i,l tel u *ditaba tsa lona* nxa!

  46. Leron says:

    Wait a second…guys, there are some churches using vaseline with their name on it, tea, coffee. And others are being healed using traditional herbs and further more, their home have been digged to put some muthis….why not attacking them first? Or you happy because your pastor lives in mention and drives a huge car? And you never complain you give money everysunday? Let’s come to our sense….what people need is healing I think….if Mbhoro uses God’s name and people get healed, then what? We have got people hanging pictures of their pastors in their bedrooms saying is for protection. Even at the dinning or sitting room for the reason of so called protection. Please guys…


    dad i love you so much,nvm all dis wizards,they r jst scared to admit that thyv seen ur GOD given powers cos wen they mension ur name, they burn……hahahahahahahah WE MBHOOOOOOOOOORO UYAAAAAAAAA ROCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA………I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOUUUUUUUUU WHOLE HEARTEDLY

    • 3568624 Truth beknown says:

      Blasphemy…. You speak to glory in man. are You blind? You have traded Jesus for this Blasphemous name! SHAME ON YOU.

  48. vuyiwe says:

    lets thank God for the works his done and keep on praising him for his a great and good God and he does wonders,if mbhoro is not of God then it will be proven by God lets not do things on our own and lets God do his job.

  49. vuyiuwe says:

    i know that every thing that we do God’s eye is watching and every 1 has a right to beileve or have faith in what ever they think is best for them , so lets let people to have they faith on mbhoro if thats what they want.
    i am no memmber of mbhoro’s church but i beileve that his from God and all the praises we give to the Lord because his the the God of Gods.

  50. thabiso says:

    I am not a memmber of mbhoro’s church but i stongly believe that if his fake God is no fool and he’l free people from him, i pray and hope that God blesses him if his from God and if not lets let the will of God to be done upon him

  51. Anonymous says:

    Wait a minute…ppl go 2 traditional healers,thy get cut they drink horrible herbs but who complains? I am not afraid 2 say that i m a member of his church and never has a woman ever been told to take their clothes off so he can pray for them.second of all,he did not force anyone to come so he could pray for their problems hence their private parts.if people think that all this has got 2 do with his nail then why dont u grow some of your own?if u think he is making money and is robing people if peolpe r will to spend their money on him y r u soooo concerned coz itz not yours?and fyi all churches are making money.

    • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Anonymous, u r proud to say u r a member of Incredible happenings yet you are anonymous*sic*
        All i can say is hm!

  52. Anonymous says:

    People, its all about your bealive, if you feel that following Mbhoro will bring you life, healing, happinness and prosperity then by all means – follow him. But if you think that he is a fake, then let him be (God will decide). We spend so much of our time focusing on what other people do or say that we really forget to pay attention to ourselves and fixing our own situations. Leave Mbhoro alone, unlike millions of us, hes got a purpose and is living it

  53. makolane says:

    I support people who says who are we to judge, because realy one needs guidance from the Holy Spirit to be able to follow who ever he wants to follow,the were so many churches here in SA that has healing powers and no one has ever made a big deal about it,if it is his calling to put his fingers to the sick people just let him do it becasuse we still have Male DR who also did that so why dont we complain about them and be crushing the man of God. If he is a fake let God do his job not us.

  54. Anonymous says:

    wat is he doing with the women’s vigina?

  55. servant says:

    peaple stop saying who are we 2 judge da word of GOD says we da children of GOD hv a ryt 2 judge those who called themslf servants of GOD 1cor5v12-13.

  56. Martha says:

    Guys who are you to judge? First of all mbhoro never forced anyone to his church. Are we perfect to call him a fake or liar. Why don’t you attend his church once so that you can see for yourselves what is happening. People are sick out there, and its their right to go where they want for healing. We must Stop judging people and mind our own business!

    • Vusi says:

      I couldn’t have said it better Martha. Oh, just to clear the air (before being labelled as a Mbhoro follower), i have been to the church once but never understood the hype, so i never went back. Infact during his preachings, he told questionable stories that would make a child go, “unamanga mfundisi”. So, i made a decision to stay away but i know a few people who go there and find satisfaction. Hence i will not judge.

  57. Sanelisiwe Malinga says:

    No Vusi, let’s not be passive about this situation! I’m sorry but I’m tired of people saying that God will sort him out or only God can save us. Yes you can trust in the Lord, but ever wonder about God helping those who help themselves. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a personal attack to you, I’m just angry at how some pastors take advantage of people who trust them because of their position. But as you say Vusi, only God will know the real truth and will deal with Mbhoro right? Let’s wait for judgement day and lie around like sitting DUCKS!!!

    • Vusi says:

      Don’t worry, it can never be a personal attack, only different view presented. Be that as it may, you right, God helps those who help themselves. You don’t want anything to do with the pastor, help yourself and stay away. But remember, those going to that church are also helping themselves just like anyone going to anY church, and so shall God. Pastors are there to instil belief of achievement/healing. By the way, we do not “wait for judgement day and lie around like sitting ducks”, we carry on with our lives.

  58. Vusi says:

    I agree with the writer, who are we to judge. Only God know the real truth and will deal with Mbhoro for his sins, if any. As for his followers, am sure they get some form of satisfaction for their money. Unfortunately, these may be desperate people looking for help. But be that as it may, okungapheli kuyahlola… The truth will one day come out.

  59. precious says:

    I think this so called Pastor is just a fake, these people who hold God’s name invaine shall be punished.God is all powerful,he sees everything that Mbhoro is doing.I urge all South Africans not to be taken by his liar.He is a liar,money-grabber and I believe all evil.

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