2012 – End Of The World?

According to the Mayan calendar, the world is coming to an end in 2012. I am not too sure about their prediction but if the natural disasters that are taking place all over the world are anything to go by then yes, we are doomed.

Good Bye World?

The Mayan people are an Indian tribe that dates back to 300 AD and have a solid backing of having one of the most accurate calendars in history. The tribe situated in South America has a belief that on the 21 December 2012, the Earth will cease to exist. They do not say exactly how, but they are sticking to their word and preparing to die as I blog.

Other religions are backing this claim as well; with some Christian leaders having dubbed it the year of Armageddon – good versus evil and the time when the Messiah will fetch his people. In Hindu teachings there are four Yugas, which symbolize a cycle of creation and destruction which is repeated over a number of years.

The last stage of destruction is said to take place during 2012 where Kali Yuga will see total annihilation and thereafter creation will take place all over again. The Chinese I-Ching (Book of Changes) talks about the same dreaded ending, researchers plotted 64 hexagrams each with attributions assigned to them on a graph which resulted in a number of highs and lows – i.e. lows being the fall of Rome & the world wars but the lowest point on the graph signifying the end of the world in 2012.

Scientists have also been doing their own mind boggling research to check whether these ‘end of the world’ claims have any substance and guess what? They have come to the same conclusion but with a more complex explanation – the north and south poles swap places roughly every 750 000 thousand years and as fate would have it we are 30 000 years overdue.

Scientists anticipate the dreaded swap to take place soon (coincidently in December of 2012) which will result in way too many UV rays than your skin is used to dealing with leading you to fry to death. Some scientists say we may have actually entered the destruction stage already as their calculations about 2012 may not be 100% accurate.

The United States refused to be outdone so they also came along with their own theory that the world will end on their land first (sic). According to the them, the world’s biggest volcano, Yellowstone has a pattern of erupting every 650 000 years sending enormous clouds of ash into the atmosphere, blocking the sun and as a result leaving the Earth in frozen turmoil for 15 000 year.

Yes you guessed right, the expected time for this catastrophe to happen is in 2012.

If the natural disasters that have taken place across the world in places like Haiti, India and Australia over the past year have not convinced you that something isn’t going right on our planet, and that the day of redemption is looming nearer, then you need to check whether you still have a pulse.

Cyclones, earthquakes, volcanoes, mud slides and endless heavy rains and a whole lot of other disasters have been a part of our lives through our television sets but never as interlinked and with such damning results as last year. 250 000 deaths were caused by the disasters and millions of people lost their homes and possessions in 2010 alone, but according to The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change the worst is still to come. More heat waves, more heavy rains, and more disasters because of climate change.

The same climate change that our President Jacob Zuma failed to make mention of in the recent State Of The Nation Address. This begs you to ask, does our government just not care, or is it too early to worry? I wonder.

But if you leave all the analysed theories and look at basic logic, how many of the past “Last Days” concepts have crept up and disappeared again over night? Take The Millennium transition for example, the ‘Millennium Bug’ was highly publicized and people literally thought their electronic equipment would blow up as the clock struck 00h00 but NOTHING out of the ordinary happened. Could the 2012 illusions be just that, an illusion?

People are generally afraid of dying and facing the wrath of their Creators or Mother Nature so they think by approximating when their lives will be over, they will turn away from their wicked ways on time and ease the burden of death.

World Cup 2014 will be played in larva? Fat Chance!

I am for living for the moment and taking every day as it comes, waiting to die just sucks the air out of my lungs.

7 Responses to “2012 – End Of The World?”
  1. Ziyanda Dlembula says:

    oh plz guys lets not be scared off by small waters, no1 knows the hour of our last day on earth, i just hpe the time doesn’t catch us off- guard mmmm……..

  2. Zandile Mahlobo says:

    Noah warned the people but they didn’t listen and the flood killed them…maybe we should take the 21 May 2012 theory seriously. I hope to die in Dj’s Sbu’s arms…lol

  3. Sanelisiwe Malinga says:

    It has been highly publicized and I have heard that the new date is the 21st of May 2012. I don’t believe in all these theories but one has to wonder as to how it’s going to happen. I often wonder myself what I’d be doing at that particular time if it happens. Hope I’m not on the toilet seat! LOL

  4. SihleMlambo says:

    they just want everyone to convert to some religion or whatever so they can play us nicely like chess

  5. SihleMthembu says:

    i ahte conspiracy theories–but if it does ahppen i would feel ahrd done by–if the world comes to an end and i havent meet Woody Alllen

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