Facebook Hacker has an Oprah moment

There are some people who have the power to move mountains but have decided that making tea is a much better prospect. People whom even if success slapped them on the face they would subserviently turn the other cheek. One such person (nameless as they may be) has been on the news lately. Over the past few weeks we have been reading on the internet and blog sites about how some hacker logged into the fan page of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Now the recent discourse on the subject has been on how the hacker got into the system and how safe is Facebook.

I hope not all hackers are this stupid

Now as opposed to thinking deep thoughts about how he kicked the binary system in the nuts and got in, or even trying to find out who was the geek. I am rather more concerned with a more fundamental and basic question. That question being how stupid can this genius be? Why do I ask you say? Well this person hacked the fan page of MARK ZUCKERBERG! I repeat MARK ZUCKERBERG!. And all his could write as a status was

 “Let the hacking begin: If facebook needs money, instead of going to the banks, why doesn’t Facebook let its users invest in Facebook in a social way? Why not transform Facebook into a ‘social business’ the way Nobel Price winner Muhammad Yunus described it? http://bit.ly/fs6rT3 What do you think? #hackercup2011”

Mark Zuckerberg got a taste of both good and bad luck in the space of a few minutes

 granted he had a valid point. But if I had the ability to hack into this page my primary would aim would not be to change the establishment but rather to piss it off. Just to put the arguments into perspective. Mark Zuckerberg has over two million fans on his page which might not seem like much compared to six and half million that Barack Obama has or even the five million that Vin Diesel has on his page. But consider this, if just half a million people saw one of Zuckerberg’s status and in turn only a hundred thousand of those fans re pasted that status and it was read by a hundred fans the potential of internet chaos can quickly multiply at sub-atomic speeds.

 If I had gotten into that system I would have written something that would have really caused problems. Something along the lines of “I have just sealed a deal selling a percentage of my shares in Facebook to Osama Bin Laden” or perhaps “As from tomorrow anyone on Facebook who identifies their political views as Republican, will be automatically removed format the Facebook system”.

The aim of hacking as I would understand it is to cause wide spread panic, but by any computer geek’s standards talking about how to finance the social network was rather tame. At one point I was really convinced that this was just another publicity stunt. Until they deleted the post and issued a statement saying that a bug allowed the hacker to get into the system. It’s no small wonder however that no hacking fraternity has come out to claim responsibility for the job, perhaps because it was not a job well done. Looking at recent  history I firmly believe that this hacker has by far surpassed Robert Baggio’s penalty miss against Brazil as the world’s biggest EPIC FAIL.

5 Responses to “Facebook Hacker has an Oprah moment”
  1. SihleMlambo says:

    Like the other Messiah Lio Messi, I am the Special One.

  2. Ntuthuh says:

    Thank you sihle mlambo, you deserve a Kiss, by the way the reason for hacking someone’s Fb is to make them look bad ( which is really sick) i just hope it was a a publicity stunt because hackers would destroy our lives…. our affairs will be out.

  3. SihleMthembu says:

    wagagag ay Messiah how can we ever thank you, hey brign that docie next monday

  4. SihleMlambo says:

    LOL what a clown, but just to comment on that, not all hackers are there to cause panic and destroy systems, sometimes the work of a hacker is for the betterment of a society. Remind me to show you that doccie “Hackers are People Too.”

    Speaking as a hacker myself, I crushed DUT system remember, Facebook was illegal, but I hacked it, now all you monkey’s have Free Facebook.

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